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Alla esimerkkejä koulutusvientituotteista, joita Pirkanmaalla on tarjota. Tuotetarjotinta päivitetään jatkuvasti tuotteiden lisääntyessä.

Mikäli kiinnostuit tietystä tuotteesta, ota yhteyttä tuottekortilla mainittuun yhteyshenkilöön.

Yleiset tiedustelut ja kysymykset Learning Bridgen projetkipäällikölle Elina Harjulle osoitteeseen tai nettisivujen kautta yläpalkin kohdasta "Jätä viesti".

PDF-tiedostoAll Bright Eduvisits (269 kB)
All Bright EduVisits are targeted to all interested in the Finnish education system or any aspect of it. In Tampere Region we have an excellent network of educational institutes.
PDF-tiedostoTAKK Study Visit (5.5 MB)
One-week Study Visit Programme in the Field of Adult Education in Finland
PDF-tiedostoTAKK Workplace Trainer (2.2 MB)
The aim of the training is to develop the vocational trainers’ competence and skills to train their company customers in workplace instruction. The trained VET trainers develop the preparedness of the customer companies in managing and developing the training process and instructing the recruited personnel.
PDF-tiedostoTAKK Service Expert Certificate (1.8 MB)
Service Expert Certificate© fits different industries. It is a concrete proof of excellent service competence and of the development of the services in the company. The training package is tailor-made and available to each company by making good use of the versatile and comprehensive expertise TAKK has in its personnel. Involved in every training session there is an expert in the field.
PDF-tiedostoDream Platform With Virtual Desktop (272 kB)
Dream Platform offers full integration platform for elearning and other services which are cloud-based (SaaS). Platform offers modern way to integrate all the services with SSO (single sign-on) and offers open APIs. Platform is also open source and can be used freely also for commercial use.
PDF-tiedostoExecutive MBA in International Business and Marketing (213 kB)
The Executive MBA is designed to certify and audit managers, technology-focused personnel, entrepreneurs and other professionals, and provide them with a level of awareness, knowledge and strategic understanding which is necessary to succeed in today's rapidly-evolving information technology economy.
PDF-tiedostoExecutive MBA in International Business Management (213 kB)
Executive MBA in International Business Managemen programme has been designed and organised in co-operation with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tallinn University of Technology. Classroom teaching takes place mainly at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.
PDF-tiedostoFuturality (265 kB)
Futurality is an SME business environment in miniature size running on a real-life ERP-system.
PDF-tiedostoTeam Mastery (277 kB)
Team Mastery is a program for all parties who wish to simultaneously develop their team coaching skills and organizations.
PDF-tiedostoPromoting Learning (276 kB)
Opinpaja Ltd. can provide an inclusive and tailored training program about Finland’s education system, its characteristics and founding principles and the factors influencing its success.
PDF-tiedostoMultipurpose Services on Wheels (275 kB)
We know how to bring services near, to serve learning, public health, social work and culture - services on wheels
PDF-tiedostoPrePost - Diagnostic Inquiry Tool (333 kB)
A teacher can easily do inquiries which test knowledge and certainty with justification. Inquiries are automatic and based on conseptual questions.
PDF-tiedostoEnglish Update for English Teachers (251 kB)
Participants put what they learn on the course into practice and receive immediate feedback as well as gaining new skills through plenty of practice under the guidance of a native trainer from Australia. The programme is tailored to the needs of each student, who may ask for advice on an individual specific area.
PDF-tiedostoEnglish Through Murder Mystery (327 kB)
On this English course the students will learn and practise English using all their communicative skills. They will assume the identities of fictional characters and solve famous mysteries. At the same time they will experience novels in a unique way, by playing and interacting with characters from the stories.
PDF-tiedostoPromoting Learning the Finnish Way (354 kB)
Finnish education has received top marks in international education ratings. Now there’s a change to learn from the best!
PDF-tiedostoEducation Promoting Entrepreneurship (366 kB)
In order to succeed the societies and business life need self-imposed, enterprising networkers. Activity, positivity, enterprising, and working together add value to well-being of societies and individuals, and create a basis for blooming business.
PDF-tiedostoSummer Academy for Teachers (253 kB)
The All Bright! – Finnish Summer Academy for Teachers offers a glimpse at the crown jewels of Finnish education. It offers a pedagogical taste of Finland’s best practices and the thinking behind them.
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